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Why We Do This is a podcast of informal conversations with our filmmaking peers. We aim to shine a light on the people behind the camera—from cinematographers, to directors, to technicians—while reflecting on our craft and why we do it.

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: Thinking Visually

Amanda Beane

: The Peanut Butter & Jelly Effect

Sean Wells

: It’s Not About Technology

Adam Patch

: Shining a Light on Security

Matt Stouppe

Spencer McCall!: Filmmaking in a Post-Truth World

Spencer McCall

Adrain Elliot!: The Filmmaker’s Responsibility

Adrian Elliot

Tej Virdi!: The Social Side of Cinema

Tej Virdi

Mackenzie Mathis!: History, Mystery, & a Sea of Noise

Mackenzie Mathis

Will Abramson!: Curating What Matters

Will Abramson

Winnie Wong!: Going Back to the Moment

Winnie Wong

Mark Kohr!: Anatomy of a Music Video

Mark Kohr

Vincent Cortez!: Taking the Unconventional Route

Vincent Cortez

Phil Bowen!: Everything You Ever

Phil Bowen

Joe Mendoza!: Fish Tanks & Photons

Joe Mendoza

Phillip Briggs!: Steaks, Cakes, & Cooks

Phillip Briggs

Lauren Clifford!: Taking the Leap

Lauren Clifford

Justin Plummer & Martin Strauss!: Exact Opposites

Justin Plummer & Martin Strauss

Clayton Worfolk!: Get the Story

Devin Whetstone!: Riskless Business

Devin Whetstone

Mimi Cave!: As Normal As I’ll Ever Get

Mimi Cave

Jesse Dana!: Around the Campfire

Jesse Dana

Larry Lauter!: Hello, Larry!

Larry Lauter

Kiva Knight!: In Shining Armor

Kiva Knight

Joey Izzo!: Telling It Like It Is ...Oh.

Joey Izzo

Rafael Fernandez!: Real + Genuine

Rafael Fernandez

Perez Bros.!: It All Starts with Batman

Perez Bros.